Sunday, March 11, 2012

Heavy on the pictures with a side of humble

We had a relaxing and exciting weekend however; I do wish the weather could make up its mind on what season it needs to be. This time of year always gives my allergies a workout. We actually started working on our housing renovations which makes me giddy inside.

Crewe took his job very seriously. Honestly he was just way beyond tired and we were willing to do anything to get through the bajillion measurments we had to take.

Giving ourself a little mirror love.

We scrapped a ton of popcorn of our ceilings and it officially looks like we got an inch of snow on the inside. I cannot wait to get some before and after pics up.


Crewe likes to collect ALL the pens of the seats at the end of the church service. He does so well through most of the service, but towards the end it is hard to contain him.

So our service today is where I got served my side of humble. Since we are doing all the renovations to our house I am constantly thinking about everything I want to do and how we will be able to afford it all. And I will only be happy (key the 5 year old whiney voice) "If we can get it all done NOW'. I dont wanna wait.

That being said, our entire service was focused on the sense of entitlement we all carry and how we need to focus on getting rid of our ungrateful heart in replacement for a heart of gratitude. Exchange looking at a situation as "why can't this be done now" for "look at all that we can do now". I don't know about ya'll, but this is something I definitely need to keep in check, because I can definitely have my moments of being a Negative Nancy when stairs don't align for a situation.

And that's the Gospel truth.

Back to the rest of our weekend.

Crewe likes to go to bed with his hair on "Fi-yah", as his daddy puts it.
 Hope everyone had a great weekend and is adjusting to springing forward. Crewe didn't think it was such a hot change and decided to not go to sleep until 10:45. Here's hoping for a restful night!


  1. You need to explain to the public that you are so valued in our family that Crewe and I taste your food before you eat it to make sure it hasn't been poisoned! Thus the bite out of your toast! Although that bite mark was from me and I made your toast! But still......Better safe than sorry!

  2. Aww John's comment is so sweet!! I think every girl is like you and wants it all done at once. I'm so happy that you're in your new house!! And you must do before and afters. :)

  3. I did the exact same thing in our house. The fact we were blessed with our very own HOUSE wasn't enough for me anymore. I wanted to change so many things and I wanted it to be done that very second. God taught me a very similar lesson and I'm finding ways to make improvements that we can afford and saving up for the big things. I finally made a giant chalkboard for my kitchen and that seriously amped up the "Look what I can do for $15!" feelings!

    Good luck!!!

  4. Love crewes hair! So cute. We've been in our house almost 3 years now and we still have projects to do. A baby came, a baby had medical needs, another baby came,money was spent on all those baby's, and we ran out of time and desire to fix any of it!

  5. Ugh, my computer screws with my comments so forgive the typos. I hope all your projects go well!

  6. I keep meaning to comment but life is getting in the way!I look forward to many before /after pictures. My husband and I are HORRIBLE at that sort of thing! Our house looks almost identical (read: nightmarish) as the day we moved in three years ago. I plan to live vicariously through you! ;)