Sunday, March 4, 2012

Healthy Habits

It seems like I have more and more of my friends asking me or my husband for advice on nutrition, health, and work out routines. I by no means have all the answers when it comes to these categories, but have always tried to live a relatively healthy lifestyle and in the process have come up with some excellent tactics to make healthy eating and living- lively, yummy and affordable. From sweet fixes to healthy easy meals, this portion of my blog will cover it all.

This is my husbands transformation

His transformation is one of the most inspiring to me because I know this man loves to eat and we knew our eating had to be a lifestyle change. That initial picture was taken over a year ago. If I can get the guts to put a picture up of me in a swimsuit I will show my transformation. Guys just don't care about that stuff.

Some of the topics swirling in my head that I will be discussing:

-Ways to cut calories in your everyday eating without sacrificing taste

- Formula to figure out how many calories you need a day to fuel your body

- Easy ways to track your calories

- How many calories you burn and hour doing certain activities

- Why eat whole wheat versus white

- Low calorie sweet fixes

- Exercising from basic to advanced

-Why to NOT always rely on the scale - And other places to look for weight loss

My goal will be to have 1 Healthy Habit topic of discussion a week.


Hands down what you put in you body to fuel it is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of creating healthy habits. Trust me when I say this you can bust your butt in the gym, or at home and will never see the full results of your hard work without having the right diet in place.

Now let me dispel one of the biggest issues with the word DIET. Through the years there have been so many so called “diets” where a person commits to eating a certain type of food, or pre-packaged meals, and they are promised the weight loss of their dreams. The problem with those “diets” is they are hard to maintain for the long haul and can take a chunk out of any grocery budget. You can read more about our budget here.

So where do you start? Follow along with me and as long as you COMMITT you WILL see result. Whether your committment is walking 30 minutes a day 5 days a week to working toward running a 5K OR cutting out 2 fast food meals a week for a healthy smoothly ( I have a great recipe) and a turkey wrap. Commitment is the key.

Stay tuned on Wednesday for-

"How in the world do I figure out how many calories I need" and navigating My Fitness Pal.

Happy Monday!


  1. I love Fitness Pal! When I lost 40lbs after Haven, I used My Daily Plate on the Live Strong website. It's very similar to my Fintess Pal-- and make counting calories so easy. I also love that it tells you everything else you're consuming like protein and carbs.

    Your husbands transformation is AMAZING!! I am going to show Chris when I get home. He did that with better food and P90X?

    Happy Monday!!

  2. Can't wait! I definitely need some good tips. :)

  3. What an amazing transformation. I've been clicking around on your blog and found this post. Awesome!

    Teressa @