Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Type A anyone???

Can I tell you that this

does not mesh well with my Type A personality and always wanting things to be clean and tidy. God does have a sense of humor and is gently teaching me to let go of the little things and enjoy all the things mommyhood has to offer. I must admit though, even looking at the picture still makes me cringe a little and this is just the beginning of him getting around. I feel like I am far to often trying to clean up after him rather than enjoying this fleeting time. I don't want to always be trapped in the "I can't wait until he...." montra. I want to be an intentional parent who takes the time to let him touch 20 pumpkins on the way into the grocery store EVERY time we go and who he remembers playing with him rather than just cleaning up after him.

Ahhh parenting, you present so many challenges yet so many joys.

However, I think this

is worth every single mess!

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